Job Search Brainstroming

Met with a good friend yesterday to brainstorm ideas for my job search.  Here’s the list in no particular order:


  •  A well known site among sales professionals.  You can sign up for free.  You can look up information about companies.  The business model is based on a points system.  You earn points by adding or updating contacts in the database.  You spend points to get information about contacts you’re targeting.  You can purchase points, if you don’t have enough in your account.
  • Reference USA.  This database can be found in your local library; accessed remotely from home.  It has advanced filtering capabilities, such as
    • Company Name/Brand
    • Executive Name/Title/Gender/Ethnicity
    • Industry group/SIC
    • Geographic location – State, City, Metro area, Zip codes, radius, county
    • Business Size – employees, $ volume
    • Ownership – public/private, headquarter/branch, foreign parent, home based, government office
    • Financial data – stock exchange, ticker symbol, credit rating.

Wow!  Thanks a lot of filtering.  Data is downloadable into an Excel spdsht format 25 records at a time.


  • find the association that supports my target industries. Search for their website.  Many companies are listed in a directory.
  • Small to midsize companies want to get the biggest bang for their buck.  Mainstream career search sites cost money for employers to post jobs.
  • call the HR department at a target company.  Ask whether they might have a need for a person of my talents.  Further, ask whether I can send in my resume so they can review it and set up a future meeting to ask their advice for my “treasure hunt”.  HR folks talk to other HR folks.  They’re real people too!
  • rewrite my resume (although Chris Rollyson has written in his blog – “an outdated 20th century artifact“.  I plan on revising it and posting it to my About page.  Re-architect it, listing a qualifications summary (who), strategic accomplishments (what/why), technical expertise (how), professional experience (where/when).  My current resume as accomplishments scattered throughout.  The new format will consolidate these.  Anyone who is really interested when/where it was accomplished will ask.  My belief is people want to know this in the quickest way possible.  Moving technical expertise immediately after accomplishments shows the technology I’ve used in supporting the business.

A little segway.  My friend has sold ERP systems to various manufacturing companies.  I confirmed with him my thoughts about my target companies; more specifically, how my skills fit into these organizations.  I don’t have certificates for various Windows technologies.  However, over the past 15 years I’ve run IT systems that supported businesses up to $250MM.  I’ve worked with Distribution Management Software (DMS), Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Transportation Management Software (TMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), barcode scanning equipment (Honeywell/LXE, Symbol/Motorola).  Businesses care about the latter items.  What is the order to cash process?  How do we get reports showing new orders entered?  Orders shipped to date?  What is our outstanding AR?  How many Days Cash Outstanding?  What is the purchase to pay process?  What is our inventory turn rate?  Where is a particular item in my inventory located?  Do I have enough inventory in stock to run theb?  Did we receive all our electronic orders overnight?  Where EDI Advanced Ship Notices (ASN’s) sent to our customers immediately after the orders were physically shipped?  These are the issues important to a business.


On the IT side, we need to pay attention to

  • security: email, anti malwareremote access, wireless access, mobile device management, firewalling
  • age of the IT resources (3-4 years pushing it)
  • capacity, speed and availability of IT resources (do we need more storage?  Is the network infrasturcture sufficient for our current/future needs?)
  • backups: are they being done?  Can we restore data?
  • redundancy of hardware: are we using VMware (n + 1 servers)?  do we have redundant power supplies in critical equipment?  Do we have redundant communication paths?  Are we using a Storage Area Network (SAN)?
  • disaster recovery: what is our Recovery Point Objective (RPO)? i.e. how many ERP transactions can we afford to lose?  What is our Recovery Time Objective (RTO)? i.e. How long will it take to restore our critical systems, for the company to continue operations?  Both these metrics have narrowed significantly over the past 5 years.  And let’s not forget a business’ connection to the outside world – the internet connection.  Do you have an alternate communication channel available?  Do you have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?  How long will the battery last?  Do you have a generator backup?  Even if the systems are up and running is the rest of the facility operational?  Can employees access the systems in a disaster?  What employees will be available in a disaster?

My friend confirmed that there is definitely a need for someone with my skills, who can understand the business needs and set the technological foundation to support them.

End of my segway.  Back to the resume.  I need to include my LinkedIn profile, this blog URL and my twitter username.

Day 2 of blogging.  Please comment on my thoughts.


About jerzylink

I'm a geek with a personality. I handle a company's technology pain, transforming it into immediate gain (who's got time to wait now-a-days?). My sweet spot is small/ midsize distribution and manufacturing companies; integrating "pure Windows" with the ERP system necessary to run the company.
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